Personal Branding - Stand Alone

“Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Taken.”

– Oscar Wilde

To be distinct from the crowd, you have to be true to yourself. There are individual differences, so you are unique and you have the unique quality; all you need to do is introspect and be yourself. ‘DO NOT IMITATE ANYONE’ irrespective of his/her level of success.

So, ‘stand alone’ means making your own likeness and creativity unique rather than stealing from someone else.

Why Stand out from the Crowd?

Generally, people are attracted to creativity and uniqueness. Uniqueness can make you more appealing by making you stand out from the crowd. Distinctiveness gives an advantage over the common thing and in competition as well. For similar products, you need to grab people’s attention, but a unique product in itself is a point of attraction.

How to be Unique?

Following are the important guidelines that will help you introspect on your uniqueness −

  • List your likeness − All of us have the unique characteristics; so, take a notebook and write down your likeness, passion, quirk, and past experience.

  • Prioritize your list − Now, thoroughly read your list and prioritize them, which one you like most and so on.

  • Blend your uniqueness and your goal − Based on the above exercise, blend your most unique points with your goal.