Personal Branding - Identify Your Brand

“Personal Branding is all about discovering

what makes you special,

and then communicating it to the right people,

through multiple channels.”

– Dan Schawbel

Identification of one’s likeness, choices, and wishes is the most difficult part. Competition is so high that most of us always remain vulnerable and think – What will happen if I fail?

Such kinds of questions make us weak to identify our likeness, strong point, and passion. On the other hand, without identification of our strong point, we cannot be successful.

How to Discover your Brand?

As such there is no foolproof way to discover your brand.

However, following are some exercises, if you do them honestly, then definitely, you can discover your brand (detailed questionnaire has been given at the end of this tutorial).

Step 1

Answer the following questions −

What is your qualification?

What is your area of interest?

What do you want to achieve?

What is/are your goal/s?

What is your passion?

How are you currently perceived?

How are you perceived in your personal and professional relationships?

What is your industry/sector?

What is the market and target audience for your brand?

What is the communication style you want to project?

What is your niche?

Step 2

Do the following exercise −

Draw columns on a piece of paper (as shown below).

Things You Like Most Things that Others Like in You Things that need Improvement
  • First Column − Write down five things that you like most; it could be anything of your choice including your studies, hobbies, your strongest point, etc.

  • Second Column − Write down five points for which you are appreciated more often by the people around you. It could be anything such as your honesty, your skill sets, your punctuality, your trustworthiness, your likeness, etc.

  • Third Column − First match column A and column B and based on that write five points that you need to improve.

Remember, while matching and comparing column A and B, you need to consider both the points i.e. your choice and people’s view. It will help you introspect and discover your brand.

Once you are done identifying your brand, now you need to −

  • Set a goal.

  • Note down your mission, vision, and personal brand statement.

  • Build a strategy (Your strategy has to be small and in simple steps. Once you complete first only then move on to the second strategy and so on. A complicated strategy in the very first instance can discourage you, so avoid it, and choose a simple path).