Personal Branding - Promote Your Brand

“Promote your strengths.

Remind the world why you are special and

why it is special to do business with you.”

– Mary Schnack

How to Promote Your Brand?

Promoting your brand is another big question that you need to seriously consider.

However, in today’s technological world, personal branding is not a big deal, provided you follow the following steps −

Step 1

  • Consider Yourself as a Brand − Start considering yourself as a brand, it will give you confidence.

  • Prepare Your Toolkit − Your profile, portfolio with pictures, messages, etc.

  • Plan Your Strategy − Based on your toolkit, develop your strategy.

Step 2

Decide Your Medium of Promotion − This is a very important aspect that you need to consider - which mediums you want to use for your branding. For example: Self promotions, events, print media, electronic media, etc.

Make Your Online Presence − There are various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. where you can create your fascinating profile.

Develop Your Website − Having an own website with detailed portfolio is one of the best ways of personal branding. Google can easily crawl your name through your website.

Update Your Website Regularly − Updating the website is another important aspect of self-branding. Articles and blog posting is the easiest tool that has potential enough to increase traffic on your website.

Emailing − Draft a very nice, authentic, small, but clear message and email it to all those people who can be beneficial for you.

Share Your Updates − On all social media websites, share your updates including pictures, messages, tweets, and other professional updates. But before posting your updates, be careful – your messages and pictures have to be professional and of good quality.

Join Online Forum − Join an online forum, which is linked to your profession.

Acknowledge Others Comments − It will help you improve your strategy.

Step 3

Find Out Your Target Audience − Discover people interested in your profession; connect with them online, if possible offline as well.

Attend Events and Seminar − Attend all events and seminars of your interest, meet with different people, and give them your business card. It will greatly help improve your social networking.

Organize Local Events − If your position is a little strong and you can afford an event; organize it. Select a nice theme, promote your event almost a month in advance through social media website as well as print media. It is unlimited and very effective source of personal branding.

Select Your Clothing − Your personal style, sense of dressing, and body language are extremely important. Therefore, select the clothing that best represents you. Further, be courteous enough to convince others.