Personal Branding - Exercise

The sole purpose of this exercise is to groom your personality and help to develop your personal branding. Kindly, go through the following exercise with patience and complete it honestly.

Once you complete this exercise, you will have a clear and better picture of your career; go ahead, wish you good luck!!!


What are your strong points?

What type of work do you repeatedly want to do?

What are your weaknesses that you are aware of?

While working in a team, what role do you avoid that might be important to your career?

Whenever you face a problem, what most likely compels you to give up?

Did anyone identify your weakness that you are not aware of?

Did you ever notice that others saw strengths in you that you recognized as weaknesses for yourself?

What are the weaknesses that might hold you back from going where you want to go?

Why do you like what you like?

What is the passion behind your passionate activity?

How can your passion help you build your career and acquire the ultimate goal?

Work Experience

What was your most successful project?

What made your project successful?

What was your most important team role?

When faced with an overpowering difficulty, what have you done to overcome it?

Which are the strengths and skill sets that others acknowledge in you?

Which strengths and skills do you use again and again?

What skills have you mastered, but do not use in daily life?

Which are the skills that you enjoy using more often, regardless of the task?

Which strengths and skills are going to be most beneficial for your future career?

Which are the skills that you are missing?

What skills you don’t have and you want to develop/acquire?

Past Experience

What was important to you in your past?

What energizes your passion (till now)?

What are your most important characteristics that you will never forget?

Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Did you learn something new that you could add to your values, passions, and purpose that are required to reach your ultimate goal?

Build Your Personal Branding

Which skill was missing that you’d like to build?

Which of the strengths you identified would you like to showcase?

What can motivate you towards your internal vision for the future?