MATLAB Simulink - Blocks


In this chapter, we will learn about one of the basic elements in Simulink. These are termed as blocks.

Blocks in Simulink helps to create models. You can make use of a Simulink library browser that has different types of blocks for creating a model.

First, open a blank model. The display will be as shown below −

Property Inspector

You can save your model by clicking on the Save button. Hence, your changes will be saved successfully. Now, open the library browser to get the blocks into your model canvas.

The two ways to select the blocks are as follows −

  • Using Simulink browser library.

  • Searching for block inside model canvas.

Simulink browser library

Open the Simulink library browser as shown below −

Simulink Browserlibrary

If you looking for a specific block and don’t know which library, you can search for it inside the search block which is available as shown below −


Here, we got all the blocks related to Sine. You can also go inside the library and pick your block.

Add block, Product block etc. The display will be as shown below −

Product Block

To bring the block inside your model, you can select the block and drag it inside your model, as shown below −


Another way is to right click the block and add to your current model.

An example for the same is given below −

Current Model

We have not saved our model. Hence, it comes as untitled. Now, you can add to the model untitled. The block will be seen inside your mode.

Searching for block inside model canvas

Another way to add blocks to your model is to click inside the model and type the name of the block. It will search in the library browser and list all the model as per what you have typed.

An example for the same is given below −

Sine Wave

We have typed Sine and it displays all the blocks related to sine.