Customer Service - Over Phone

Telephone is one of the most popular modes of getting as well as providing customer service. Besides at-you-desk requests, telephone is the most personal medium of interaction between customers and customer service department. Here we will discuss about the various aspects of conducting successful customer service over the phone.

Telephone Communication Etiquette

Following basic telephone etiquettes when talking to customers is the right way to establish good relationship. Some of the etiquettes that you must adopt are −

  • Answer calls promptly

  • Start the conversation with a greeting

  • Try to solve the problem without having to transfer the call or put it on hold

  • Always ask the customer for permission before transferring or holding his call

  • Thank the customer at the end of the conversation

Telephone Communication Etiquette

Essential Skills for Telephone Communication

Like any communication, telephone conversations should be clear, concise, and correct. To ensure this, you should follow these guidelines −

  • Smile genuinely − Smile when you are talking into the phone. The customer may not see you smile but definitely hear it and know that you are happy to assist.

  • Sound honest − Be honest in your conversations so that the customer can start believing in your ability to solve his problems. Never promise something that you will not be able to do.

  • Use correct tone and pitch − The tone and pitch of your voice can convey your level of engagement to the customer. Never try to multi-task while handling a customer, assuming that he will never get to know. Involving your mind in something else will change your voice too.

  • Use customer’s name − Address the caller by name to foster a friendly atmosphere. However never overdo it and ask for permission before using a first name.

  • Leave the customer happy − Never terminate the conversation when the client is sounding dissatisfied. It’s the last few moments of the call that the customer is likely to remember, so try to leave the customer on a satisfied note.

Paying Attention

It is natural for your attention to stray while you are having a telephone conversation.

These are some common causes of misplaced attention during a telephone conversation −

  • Something in the surroundings might catch your eye

  • Background noise

  • Disturbed telephone line

These are some ways you can ensure undivided attention during telephone calls −

  • Ensure peaceful environment

  • Do not do anything else while you are on the call

  • Take notes so that your eyes or mind do not stray to anything else

A distraction may be only for a couple of seconds but you might miss out on importance information. So never try to gloss over it. Apologize to the customer and ask him to repeat whatever he was saying. Most of the customers will not mind doing that as long as they can be sure that you are not missing out on any information. It might irritate some but still they will be glad you asked for it again rather than missing out completely. However, it is best not to let this happen at all.