Customer Service - Mini Case Study

Here is a typical scenario you could often find yourself in.

A customer is on the phone asking you why feature X of his product is not working as per the instructions given.

Combined with the problem statement, other problems could arise too. Let us now take up each possibility one by one and also discuss how you can solve it.

Case 1: You have no idea what the customer is talking about

There is no need to feel defensive about this. It can happen to anyone, especially if you are new or the product is new. You should never accept ignorance to the customer. Instead, focus on customer’s need. Try saying something like this −

“You want help with feature X, right? Let me find this out for you. Please wait for a couple of minutes till I do this.

The customer will never realise you don’t know about the feature. Instead he will note your willingness to assist him. Just make it a point to do your research quickly and solve the problem to the satisfaction of the customer.

Case 2: You know what the feature is

If you know about the feature and how it works, you should be confident about successfully handling the customer. Even if you have not had a customer come in with the same problem, go ahead and ask the customer to walk you through his process.

Be patient and listen carefully. You should be able to point out the problem as new customers are bound to make errors they can’t notice themselves. At no point should you belittle the customer for overlooking a small point.

Case 3: Customer is Angry

If the customer is angry, calm him down. Here are some ways of doing this −

  • Listen patiently to his rants

  • Do not interrupt, however valid your point

  • Be polite and say “sorry”

Never try to offer a solution till the customer is angry. It is a proven fact that you can never satisfy an angry customer.

After you have solved the customer’s problem, de-escalate your own feelings so that you are able to deal with the next customer properly.

Case 4: Customer is Threatening Legal Action

If the customer is threatening with legal action because the product is not working as promised, remain cool and try to pacify the customer. Here are some steps you can take −

  • Assure the customer that feature X works for all products and so there should be no reason for any problem with his piece

  • Assure him of your commitment to solve his problem

  • Be patient and listen him out

  • Thank him for contacting you to get his problem solved

If you are not able to handle the customer to his satisfaction, don’t hesitate in asking your supervisor to step in. He must be having more experience dealing with such a situation.