Customer Service - In-Person

You know that there are three ways in which you can provide customer service −

  • In-person or at-your-desk
  • Telephone
  • E-mail or chat

Here we will discuss about providing in-person customer service.

Dealing with At-Your-Desk Requests

Thumb rule of dealing with at-your-desk requests is never to turn a customer away. Whether it is an internal customer or external customer, you should never ever ask the person to come again just because you are busy. However busy you are, whatever the importance level of your task, being a customer service professional means that dealing with customers has to be your first priority.

When you receive an e-mail or a chat request, you can postpone responding to it if you are too busy, however, in case of at-your-desk request you don’t have that luxury. So you should develop mechanisms that assist you in shifting focus from one task to another without losing concentration.

Pros and Cons of At-Your-Desk Requests

Every coin has two sides. Even if handling at-your-desk requests might seem annoying, it has its own advantages −

  • You get the opportunity to establish a relationship with the customer directly

  • You can get your queries resolved on the spot

  • If the customer is happy with your personality and behavior, your chances of satisfying him increases manifold

These are some of the disadvantages of at-your-desk requests −

  • You have to attend to the customer immediately

  • In case of a difficult customer the situation could deteriorate fast

  • If you need time to solve the problem, you will have to clearly tell the customer this

Using Positive Body Language

Besides your words, your body language conveys your intent to the person you are speaking to. When handling a customer, you should be mindful of your body language.

Here are some tips to using a positive body language with customers −

  • Stop doing whatever you are doing and maintain eye contact with the customer

  • Nod at them after they have said something of importance

  • Sit erect without your shoulders drooping

  • Use positive hand movements and gestures

  • Never allow an expression of boredom to creep on your face even if you have heard similar complaints many times

Your body language should always convey positive and good intentions. This will induce the customer to have more confidence in you.