Professional Ethics - Rights of an Employee

Employees are an asset to the company and any ethical organization would like its employees to be happy and prosperous by providing them a safe and happy working environment, steady work, reasonable modifications to work time, and a healthy work-life balance.

Many companies that top the chart when it comes to providing ideal environments to its employees credit their good employee management and retention programs as the key to their success.

Rights of an Employee

An employee is, at the very least, entitled to the following rights at his workplace −

  • No discrimination at work, especially on the basis of gender, nationality, religion, medical condition, and political affiliation.

  • Healthy work-life balance, which means no long hours at work. Employees can also report if their employer makes unnecessary delays in delegating work.

  • Protection of job for people with disabilities and medical conditions.

  • Complete protection against sexual harassment of any kind and immunity from being forced to exchange favors for benefits.

  • Freedom to discuss the terms and conditions of the employment with other employees and negotiating wages to suit lifestyle as per changing times.

  • Right to ask for safe working conditions and reservation to answering questions on age, religion, nationality, and medical condition.

  • Demanding certain changes and modifications regarding the working conditions to accommodate situations that might crop up due to their prevailing medical conditions.

  • Right to form or participate a union that aims to improve the wages, lifestyle, working environment, and emphasizes on employee rights at the workplaces.