Professional Ethics In Profession

Earlier, the prevalent thought was that a company is just a place where people come together and function in a team to get certain desired results. In other words, companies are just like machines with various parts working together to produce a desired result, and hence the blame of the breakdown of this machine should lie with the defective parts and not the entire machine.

It has now been asserted through a detailed study of the working patterns of various companies that companies are not machines. On the contrary, they are more like human beings in their ability to collect data from each other to enhance their livelihood and respond to changes in their environment, taking decisions that impact the entire company.

Hence the term "company" is swiftly making way for "organization," which means the entire company works like a human body with different organs that are vital for its survival and prosperity.

Professional Ethics Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you understand your moral dimensions and what motivates you to take the steps that you take in your life. The participant is expected to be honest while answering these questions, as this is a self-assessment of values.

Values System

In the following table, what are the ten elements, you value the most?

statusObservational Skills
SafetyMeaningful Work
EnjoymentPresentation Skills
ComfortInner Peace

Qualities System

Which ten of the following qualities do you cherish the most?

Swift Decision-makingHumility

Belief System

Keeping the values and qualities that you selected above, write down twenty statements that explain what the ethics of a human being should be like and what qualities he should have and in which situation.

Moral System

This exercise is designed for you to get an accurate analysis of your thought-mapping. Rate the following statements as per your assessment. Use the following scale −

1 = Never 2 = Seldom 3 = Often 4 = Many times 5 = Always

Statements ChartRatings
1 I am sincere about my work.
2 I try to be as truthful as I can.
3 I am a genuine helping person.
4 I do something if I promise to do it.
5 I help my friends to achieve their goals.
6 I am attentive to the needs of people I know.
7 I am the first one to admit if I made a mistake.
8 I believe we learn more from enemies than friends.
9 I don’t condone a wrong act and try to speak up if I can.
10 I weigh my values and beliefs whenever I take any decision.
11 I am dependable on keeping matters confidential, if it is needed.
12 I believe that real the success comes with hard work and patience.
13 I am genuinely happy on meeting with new people and making friends.
14 I am tolerant to opinions other than my own.
15 I do not blame others for the circumstances I have created for myself.
16 I can clearly mention the objective and the belief that guide my actions.
17 I respect everybody’s right of viewing things from a different perspective.
18 I know how to keep my temper in check if someone insults or ridicules me.
19 I believe that everybody has the right to follow whichever religion he wants.
20 I look for areas of improvement in me and take positive criticism sportingly.

The 20 statements given above fall into 10 categories headed as (A-J). Enter the values you had assigned to the first 10 statements by putting the value of 1st question under the column A of the 1st row and so on.

For the next ten statements from 11–20, write their corresponding scores under A–J in the 2nd row. Now add the values as per corresponding columns (C1 + C2) and also add the values row-wise, i.e., values under A–J in a row.

Please note that the sum of columns will be equal to the sum of rows.

Scorecard for Statements Chart

A B C D E F G H I J Sum
C1 (1–10) Sum R1 (A–J)
C2 (10–20) Sum R2 (A–J)
Sum (C1 + C2) Sum (R1+R2)

Scores for the 10 categories

Every column represents a quality that is found in people with proper business ethics. They are −

A. Sincerity B. Faith
C. Truthful D. Discipline
E. Assertiveness F. Helpful
G. Dependable H. Caring
I. Responsible J. Respectful

Now check your scores and see in which column you got the highest score. That is your highest moral competency, and the column you got the lowest score is your lowest moral competency. When you are done, match your total to the rating scale mentioned below −

  • 90-100 − Excellent ethical conduct

  • 80-89 − Very good ethical conduct

  • 70-79 − Good ethical conduct

  • Below 69 − Questionable ethical conduct