Employee Onboarding - Preparation

It is not difficult to understand why new employees are initially a little confused and afraid of talking to their immediate manager for general things like where the scanner is and how they can use it. It is, therefore, essential to acquaint the new employees with each minute thing related to workplace. It will not only save the valuable time of the organization in future but also boost their energy level.

With the help of an effective employee onboarding program, one should be aiming to present essential information in a simple to process design, so that new employee can turn to the more demanding aspects of his/her job in the organization.

Preparations List for Employee Onboarding

The HR team should include the following points in their list, while they induct a new hire into the company −

  • Work space allocation
  • Arranging computer equipment needs
  • Arranging the phone
  • Guiding to restroomGuiding to restroom
  • Guiding to cafeteria
  • Giving access to security systems (If required)
  • Giving access to office building and workplace
  • Navigation to company
  • Transportation to company
  • Parking area and parking allocation

Job Duties and Expectations Schedules

The schedule for the Job duties and the expectations for a new hire are as follows −

  • Call and welcome employee, once formal offer is accepted

    • Review start date, arrival time, location, transportation/parking options, dress code, lunch plans and a preview of the day one agenda.

    • Provide an email address and/or phone number so that the new employees can contact you, if required.

    • Inform the employee if he needs to bring something on the first day.

  • Plan employee’s general schedule for the first week or so

    • Welcome events such as lunch, breakfast with the team members or HR during the first week.

    • Detailed agenda for day one

    • Time to explore the Employee Gateway and other important sites

    • Introductions and meetings with key individuals like colleagues, buddy/mentors with whom new employee can regularly interact.

  • Assign a buddy to mentor the new employee, ideally a peer who is enthusiastic about working and who is willing to answer questions for the new hire’s first few weeks.

  • Gather information to provide on day one such as the job description, department map/directory, organization chart, information related to the unit’s goals and priorities, etc.

  • Plan a first assignment so she/he has an early success.

Work Environment

  • Obtain building ID badge, nameplate, and business cards, if necessary.

  • Arrange to have a few office supplies ready at his/her work station, even if new supplies will be ordered later.

  • Ensure the employee’s workspace is available, clean, and organized, and that any needed keys are in working order.

  • If an employee has requested workplace accommodations, work with your HR Partner to arrange in advance, if possible

  • Consider a small welcome gift, like a coffee mug.

Information Technology

  • Arrange for phone installation and set-up. Arrange for authorizations and access to common drives.

  • In all cases, the employee record must first be established in Workday, including appropriate documentation authorizing the offer of employment, contract, and authorization to work.

  • Ascertain new employee’s email address and phone number, and make sure s/he is set up with any login/passwords that will be needed

  • Ascertain which systems employee will need to access and begin process for providing needed permissions and/or training.

Learning and Development

  • Identify due dates for mandatory training.

  • Explore and identify optional training you wish to assign to the new employees.