Employee Onboarding - Importance

Importance of Employee Onboarding

An Onboarding Program can definitely improve the readiness, fit and performance of every employee who takes on a new role in the organization. An effective onboarding program serves offers the following benefits −

  • Improves current employee morale
  • Reduces time to productivity
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Reduces new hire turnover
  • Prevents future spending on re-hiring and re-training
  • Integrates new hires into the corporate culture, thereby enhancing that culture

Onboarding helps in building and sustaining high-performing teams and leads the organization to have a competitive advantages in the market.

Why Employee Onboarding?

Avoiding onboarding program for the new employees can be cost effective as it saves the organization from spending certain amount on it. However, a good onboarding program for new recruits can lay a solid foundation of employee behavior and productivity.

A question, however, arises as to why proper onboarding is necessary. Absence of onboarding program prevents the management from understanding the skills and behavior of the employees earlier. It takes a longer time span to get to know the new recruits who are employed directly without passing through onboarding processes.

Importance Onboarding

The recruits need to enter the organization through a complete and effective onboarding program. Without it, the new recruits might take time to get acquainted with the new work environment. By this time, some of the recruits may have developed dislikes in some aspects related to the organization which may be due to lack of proper knowledge and understanding. This leads to unexpected departure of some. It is likely to affect not only productivity but also morale of the employees.

Employee engagement and employee onboarding go hand in hand. Studies show that around 33% of employees decide to stay onboard with a firm or jump to other within their first 30 days of joining the organization. The study shows that every organization should work towards establishing employee engagement by effective onboarding.