Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring is a famous phrase today; it refers to the contractual obligations between an organization and its investors over making the use of the funds granted to them in specific areas of operations. Compliance monitoring is essential to keep a record of the amount of money it has spent in the services it has offered its clients and the training the workers and staff members.

Compliance monitoring helps us keep the programs running smoothly. Having said that, compliance monitoring might include the outcomes of the training as a part of the report. The term evaluation in the case of compliance monitoring is used to cover a large range of tasks, including studies where the steps taken for the training can be shown in relation to other factors. It is the arranged application of procedures used for research in gauging the planning, implementation and utility of the entire program.

Steps of Outcome Measurement

The objective of Outcome measurement is to check the veracity of the claims of the training program, and to see if the reported achievement has been really so. will explore what your program provides, what its intended impacts are, and whether or not it achieves them. It compares the final outcome with the promised outcome. What it doesn’t promise to check is whether the changes in the outcomes are because of the steps taken in the training or not.


For example, in a team of 20, there are 10 people who enroll for the training program, however a non-participating person might also get motivated seeing another worker showing interest in the training. As a result, the effective performance of the team will go up, however the training in itself had no effect on the improvement of the performance of that non-participating individual.

Many people get confused with the terminology outcome and want to understand it in a better way. To keep it simple, the term outcome encapsulates the three following terms −

  • Goal − the overall picture; the final outcome as an organic whole.

  • Outcome − changes in people, families, and organization after the training program.

  • Indicator − the specific information gathered to determine the occurrence of a genuine outcome.