Learning & Individual Behavior

Learning can be defined as the activity or process of acquiring knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something.

Individual behavior can be defined as how an individual behaves at work. A person’s behavior is influenced by the following factors −

  • Attitude
  • Perception
  • Personality
  • Stress
  • Belief
  • Norms or other psychological matters

The factors influencing individual behavior are −

  • Perception − It is the result of various senses like feeling, seeing, hearing etc.

  • Attitude − We can either have a positive attitude or negative attitude, like i like my job is expressing a positive attitude towards my work.

  • Personality − For example, some people seem to be very friendly, while there are some who take time to open up.

  • Values − It influences perception of problem and marks individual’s decision making process.

  • Emotions − There are happy moments we cherish and the sad moments like anger, frustration, etc. that we try to forget.

Change through Learning

The more we learn the more we change, as learning is a continuous process. Now let us see that how learning affects individual behavior. There is a change in the attitude of a person due to learning which can take place due to the following factors −

  • Role of parenting − As we all know that parents are the first tutors of a child. They teach a child how to walk, talk, eat, etc. A child tries to imitate the behavior of parents. So, it plays a vital role in grooming an individual’s personality.

  • Education − The very second place of learning is the school and college where an individual chooses to pursue his/her education. It is the place where an individual’s personality is further polished with respect to the parenting values.

  • Job training − An individual is prepared to be presentable in the company and learns organizational traits.

  • Manipulation of rewards

The above seen points are the key elements that are responsible for the change in a person’s behavior.