The Art of Delegating

Once the phases mentioned in the previous chapter of planning and implementing changes are done, then it is action time. Sales Managers are tasked with the responsibility of putting into action all the things and steps that were discussed in the five steps.

Depending on it, the Sales Manager will now have to divide the work assigned to him into different categories and allot his team mates the different responsibilities based on their skill sets and levels of expertise. This is called Delegating of Work.

Delegating of Work

There are many factors to be considered in delegating work to people. The most important one of them is that we select only the appropriate person for a given task. An untrained, inexperienced person working in a role that needs a specialist’s touch is a sure recipe for a disaster. The second requirement is to see whether the person specialized in a particular area is available for the job. It might so happen that he is engaged in another equally-important assignment. Assigning a new responsibility will only over-burden that person.

You should also make sure that there is a senior person who is experienced in similar assignments at the head of the team. This ensures the team’s familiarity with the process and an approachable supervisor, who can guide them with immediate concerns. This keeps the team focused and on the schedule.

Once a team has been finalized, the entire responsibility of the successful implementation must be given to them. Avoid micromanaging and interfering in their functioning style. However, periodic updates on progress must be asked and suggestions shared.

Divide jobs in small measurable units and discuss with the teammates about different job responsibilities, so that they can understand the reason, why that particular work was assigned to them. This promotes transparency and ensures best performances from individual team members. Keep sharing important points and tips between implementation processes and keep providing constructive feedback. These steps help you to get success in delegating all the responsibilities for the appropriate person that help you to achieve your key objective.