Sharing Corrective Feedback

When you are coaching a person, the pupil tends to develop a sense of comfort, security and familiarity with the coach. In this situation, many pupils tend to get hurt emotionally when they take the feedback of the coach personally.

In these situations, the coach needs to be well-versed on how to share corrective feedback with the pupils so that it doesn’t make them feel bad, while also passing the desired message through.

The following worksheet features some of the most common observations coaches all over the world make when they lose the control over their tongue while sharing feedback with their pupils. A few have been answered to give a better idea on how to handle these situations. The reader is supposed to attempt the rest −

Critical Remark Positive Remark
Did I not tell you to do that! Was there something unclear about my instructions?
How could you do something so stupid! Let’s figure out what went wrong.
Why do these things happen only to you!  
Nobody else has those problems!  
Why can’t you understand something so simple!  
You better stop this act, or else you will start facing serious problems!  
Don’t expect raise in these situations.  
I am done with you.  
If you can’t do this, we will get someone else.  
Why can’t you be like <another person>? He can do it so easily!